Friday, December 18, 2015

Healthy Performance Collies

         3 years ago I lost a huge piece of my heart, she was my obedience dog, my happy partner, with her dancing feet and sweet face and gentle soul. I blame part of her loss on her MDR1 status of m/m
Treatment was just not an option. 
  Since then the reports of losses of too many sweet Collies to poisoning because of their MDR1 status, and of herding dogs poisoned by eating manure from recently wormed sheep, I want to do better by the MDR1 if I breed again. Not the Only consideration but high up the list. 
  I brought Ripple home because her dam came from the same kennel foundation as my Keyna's dam, but Ripples breeder did an outcross to a totally different line for performance, a MDR1 N/N dog with high drive and great body, with lots of great health behind him. 
   Meanwhile a show and performance breeder who was keen on the line Keyna's sire was from did some breedings and ended with a Champion stud dog who is MDR1 N/m, pra cleared, DM clear, and producing beautiful healthy performance puppies. 8 months ago I spoke with her about bringing Ripple to her dog, and we've been waiting on Ripple. 
 Hoping we'll have some exciting news in the near future! 
Have I mentioned my predilection for tri smoothies?
The past guides our future choices, and makes us want to improve.

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